Monday, January 29, 2007

Been quiet 2 weeks - had some domain fun

Sorry I have not posted in 2 weeks - I was trying to move between hosters. This took 2 weeks longer than it should have and while the DNS info was in limbo I didn't want to risk breaking the site with partial updates. I am trying a new supplier with better web stats and email SPAM filtering at the SMTP level - I don't want to even see the 300-400 junk email a day I get from "known SPAM servers" on black-lists.

Hint: if you have a personal or private domain hosted by a 3rd party, don't have the same firm manage your domain record. It should have only taken 48-hours to change a DNS record, but my web hoster was trying to save me from myself (ie: my moving my DNS record away from an active 6-year old host account). I suppose there was also some self-interest in my hoster erroring on the side of caution.

With the various scams, general lack of IP knowledge in most customers, and the waiting periods to RESTORE incorrectly changed DNS info I don't blame my hoster for being careful, however I wish they'd have sent me email notifications that they wanted confirmation. I wasted the first 6 days doing 2 online requests to change. It was only after the 2nd request produced no result in 72 hours that I started calling them by phone to push the issue.

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